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Thank You

Thank you for installing the Perapera Pop-up Dictionary Plug-in for Firefox!

This blog and all it’s contents have moved over to it’s own domain so we can have the flexibility to customize and add some new things we are planning for telnet future. Pleas update you bookmarks:

Perapera Language Tools

19 Responses

  1. Keep up the great work! I appreciate very much your hard work that benefit so many people around the world. Me and my communities(uni students) are saved at last!

  2. I hope to meet you someday, then.

  3. The new version works great, thank you so much!

  4. Paper or Plastic?

    Thank you very much for Perapera-kun. Hopefully the next version will also work (again) with Thunderbird.

    Sorry, but I really don’t like PayPal. Is there another way to donate a cup of coffee (Do you take paper bills)?

  5. Seems that you are out of bandwidth for the dictionary downloads. Is there another way to get them?

  6. I discovered that if you would like to change the position of the translation box to a position other than directly under the word or phrase you are pointing at, just hit the “A” key and it can be moved to either the top left or bottom right portion of the screen


    • When you enable the plugin there should be a popup in the topleft of the browser showing all the shortcut keys and what they do.

      Sent from my iPhone

  7. The PRC flag you are using to indentify the Chinese language is quite visually displeasing to many if not all non-PRC Chinese. Is your software intentionally making a political statement?

    • Thanks oddcowboy for speaking for many if not all non-PRC Chinese. How about expressing appreciation for the developer’s efforts instead of questioning his/her political motives. And if he does have political motives, they’re his/her right. I’m happy users don’t have to choose between PRC, Taiwan, HK, Macao flags, and oh yeah a big rainbow one for all the overseas Chinese.

      To the developer: Please don’t waste energy pondering the icons and rather spend your efforts on your awesome app. Look forward to seeing your future blog posts!

      Just donated.

  8. Great stuff 🙂 I’ve been using Pera-Pera Kun for a few years now and it is one of my go-to apps 🙂

    I will send that cup of coffee donation soon…


  9. Thanks a lot…..!

  10. Many thanks for the new version.
    I’ve been using it for a day or two, and have 3 suggestions:

    1. Is there any way to bring back the ‘one click on/off’ toggle that the old toolbar icon used to have? The new way with a pop-up menu, is a bit more fiddly and takes a little extra time to enable or disable. I guess the multiple languages makes this a bit less easy. How about having a ‘default’ language which is activated or deactived by a single click on the status bar icon?

    2. Previously, the on/off state of Pera-pera kun was unique to each tab, so I could have it switched off on some tabs and switched on in others (I usually have lots of tabs open). I might be able to get used to the new way, but maybe having an option for the on/off status being global or tied to each tab would be a useful addition. (Not tried this, but can you also have different languages activated on different tabs?)

    3. Currently, when you hover over a 2 or 3 character word, it displays the full meaning of all the characters on the first 2 lines, then under this breaks down the first component character and meaning. Would be possible to also show the 2nd & 3rd component characters with their meanings as well?

    eg if I point to “Ni hao” (in chinese chars), PPK shows me “Ni hao” with its meaning, “Ni” with its meaning, but “hao” isn’t displayed.

    Thanks for your help.

  11. Why does this break Chinese Pera-kun? I use Rikaichan to read Japanese and I have no desire to switch to PeraPera-kun, but suddenly I find my Chinese Pera-kun changed into PeraPera-kun and it will not work with Chinese at all. This is a ridiculous thing to do to your users.

    • dear lorenleah,

      peraperakun actually works currently for
      both chinese and japanese

      u have to have the dict installed
      BTW the japanese part in peperakun uses the
      same dict in rikaichan
      so it’s like rikaichan is actually part of peperakun ver 2.0

  12. Thanks for this!
    I really appreciate Pera-pera-kun! (^_^)/
    Wish it existed on Safari/Chrome/Opera/etc…
    But grateful for what we’ve got.
    (btw, you have a funky last name. Reminds me of the guy that wrote Fight Club)


  13. Thank you SO much for your work! I finally donated, not very much, but seeing that “donate now” link and thinking about the years I’ve been using this wonderful program and to what good effect, I couldn’t not donate.

    I like the new little star box thing, but could you include the option to activate the program by right-clicking anywhere on a page again? I miss that.

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  15. Thank you again. This is an excellent tool that makes browsing and reading e-mails so much easier!

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